Anyone heard from Crippen?

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Sep 17, 2004
Moorpark, CA
I seem to recall that Crippen's last message said she was going to London for a few days. Has anyone heard from her? Does anyone have a way to reach her? I am hoping that she is okay.
If she is just visiting I would have thought she wouldnt have travelled during the rush hour its bedlam, so I hope she ok but of course shes not on the net so wont post until she goes home.
Im at Duxford on Saturday with me tee shirt on so if she says hello I'll post that,s she ok soon as I get home Evan.
I'm sure she will be fine Evan with 3 million train journeys on the tube each day you really do have to be unlucky to cop a bomb.I know some have but its very unlikley
Well evan I went to flying legends no wone approached me and i found no body so I'm afraid No luck locating Crippen brillient day out though I think we may have to star a Flying legends thread for the vids an images from it Im sure all the other guys will have hundreds.
I have just spotted this and was so very touched.... bless you!
I have sometimes felt a bit out of it on here ( it aint easy on hear for the female persuasion you know.... you are all lovely honest, you are just such a 'tight' male group). I love planes and I am trying to learn fast... bless me :oops:
But this thread was just so caring 'Thanks' lad so much.
I will not get slushy... just 'Thank you'.

I got one foot on the train (morning of the bombings) as it was cancelled (first bomb had gone off). so like thousands of others I was most lucky and thankful .
I was on my way to do the galleries and also meet a rather lovely bloke and hope to meet him in when I do my re visit during the next few weeks ........ so keep your fingers crossed lads, this gal needs some lovin.
He's into fast cars ..... so I might need some 'intel' on F1, anyone out there got any ????? well gotta hold up the conversation you know!

Cheers Again !
Well, if it's any consolation meeting your lad, Crippen, I have a story for you.

My wife has chat buddies from all over the world on the internet, but mostly from England. One of the blokes she was chatting with for quite some time was from Stoke-on-Trent. My wife, ever the matchmaker, thought he would be perfect for my sister. So she introduced them to each other online and they established quite a rapport.

The finally decided to meet in person. Craig would fly out to meet my sister. He spent the night before his trip to the states in London. His plane was supposed to fly out for their first face to face meeting on September 12, 2001. As you might have guessed, he didn't fly out that day.

He did finally get a flight out a week or so later. Today, he is my brother in law!

Not saying that this would happen for you, but I thought it was interesting that the distance and terror attacks did not stop two people who were made for each other from meeting. :)
lol that made me smile hon. If all else fails, tell your lovely wife to keep up with the match making and I will send her my profile :lol:
all still fine for now (though I am not sure he's 'that' interested hon).

So Med.....King of the net surfers..... any good F1 sites for me to read up on? ( keep it simple....I would rather stick to planes, just enough intel to hold my own ;) )

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