Are you at work right now ?

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Tech Sergeant
Nov 5, 2005
Are you DFing it on this site right now when you should be working? :D
ditto Fly, I luv it, my own business(s), time off when I grant myself, work like a pig when I want, make luv when I want ........ ah sorry ........ OT
Yes being the Boss helps DFing it, guilty here to.
Oooooooooooh you're stealth then ?

I hit it hard after lunch today till the darkness covers me
They're two a penny jobs here m8, but in my town they don't pay that good I'm afraid. I just do the odd job here and there where you get cash in hand afterwards, but at this time of the year's, not many around :cry:
When Im not working on my aircraft or flying. I get on at work sometimes. But now that I am the boss, I rarely get time because I have to supervise all my minions....

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