Aug 6 1945.

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Jun 4, 2005
Orange County, CA
Today is the 61st anniversary of the first atomic bombing in history.

For better or worse it ended a war, but it let the genie out of the bottle for WMD's.

I would hope the president of Iran could be kidnapped and taken to Auschwitz, then to Hiroshima and made to understand what his rhetoric is leading too.

But then, he would probably get sexual satifaction in it.
Gnomey said:
Yep it is today. I would agree Syscom he probably would enjoy seeing it as none of the victims were muslim (or at least very few).

I'm beginning to believe he thinks that mass killings and casualties against anyone is OK.
God help us all if someone fells the need to invent a hand held nuclear device.
there would be mushroom clouds all over the place.
There were rumours of a nuclear hand grenade being developed in the 1950's.

It could wipe out anything within a 70 foot radius. problem was it could only be tossed 50 feet.

hey, if your gonna go out for your country, than do it with a bang. What bigger better bang than a Nuclear blast, right.

However, that wouldn't be such a bad idea if we didn't have C4, that is. Put it in the form of a plastic explosive. I mean if they could fit it for a hand grenade. It could be used for more hardened target that C4 couldn't get when there's no possibility of close air support.
Anyone that has had real Southwestern chilli already knows about personal nuclear devices.

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