Avia CS-92

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Nov 3, 2004
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here is a few pictures of a CS-92, which was in fact a leftover German Me 262 A-1a (some variants were B-1a). I took these pictures on some fair a few years ago. Not good scans though...

This is what Wikipedia says about the CS-92:
The Czechoslovakian aircraft industry continued to produce single-seater and two-seater variants of the Me 262 after WWII. These were kept flying as late as 1957. Both versions are on display at the Prague Aero museum in Kbely.

I know most of the facts but at the moment I'm too lazy to write it all down...

The question remains where should I upload the pictures...


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According to the "TBU" publication no.186 about Me-262 the AVIA factory was producing some parts of Me-262 including the front part of the fuselage and other Czech factories produced parts of Junkers Jumo 004B-1 jet engine.After the end of WW2 there was a big number of assembled a/cs in the country.Therefore the government of The Czechoslovakia made a decision to equip The Czech Air Force with Me-262 called S-92 (for one-seater where "S" letter means - stihac - fighter) and CS-92 (for two-seater).Avia factory in Prague-Letnany received 18 aircraft frames and Letecke Zavody Malesice (Aviation factory in Malesice) started assembling of Jumo 004B-1 engine named M-04.As a result of this the 5th Squadron was equipped with 8 planes (5 Avia S-92s and 3 CS-92s).When the licenced MiG-15 was entered into production and equipment both S-92 and CS-92 were taken back.For the rest of info you should ask Pisis for.Unless I find it.:)
I found one magnificent difference: the Czech installed a second hydarulic pump on right engine also.
There were some smaller improvements in engine: better turbine blades and combustion chambers as well new electrical starter.

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