Bad News on the Doorstep...

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Peter Gunn

Master Sergeant
Jan 13, 2016
Clearwater, Florida

Not sure if this is the right place, mods can move it if not.

I lost my last surviving uncle from my fathers side this morning. At 96, COVID did what Me-109's and Fw-190's and Zeke's could NOT do. :cry:

25 missions over Germany in B-17's in 1943, a year back for training and off to Guam for 11 more over Japan in B-29's.

Came home and opened a hotel/bar... emphasis on BAR about 30 miles from my home town. I learned a LOT about life from him, he was the most soft spoken of my uncles and about the most generous, he'd slip my brother and I $5.00 bills when no one was looking for us to spend on anything, and that was in the late '60's when five bucks was a tidy sum for a lanky 12 year old.

I planned on writing more but I'm starting to lose my composure and can't really see the screen or keyboard clearly at the moment. :cry:

I have only posted this on this forum because I know as fellow aviation enthusiasts you know what kind of loss this is for me. I'll try and post more later on him, I know he lived a long and fruitful life but it still hurts like bloody hell to lose him.


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