Battle Of Britain Airfields 60 Years Later...

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I just fell on that web site. It's interresting how places may have changed. May be some of you may even live in an old RAF airbase without knowing it... :lol:



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It was always interesting to visit the old bases when I was there. Some were active cold war bases and to see the old buildings with guys still working in them gave me a sense of the history that must reside in the buildings.

To step onto a base like Molesworth, that originally housed the 303rd BG "Hells Angels" is like a step into the past. Gave me chills.
i wonder if there's any memorials or museums at any of them, i'd have thought there would be.........
There is some interesting aviation history there! We used to have 2 airports in Thousand Oaks/Newbury Park. Sadly, they are both closed now and there is no trace of either. But the movie "It's a mad mad mad mad world" was filmed at one of them, although there were some modifications made to it for the filming.
Commercial progress sometimes destroys what will be important historic sites with out realizing it Evan its a shame but inevitable. Next time I'm at the trip wire on the end of the run way I'll get a shot of the wartime pill box that's still there lads.
There's loads of airfields around here that were in service during World War 2 - there's two in Doncaster, there's RAF Finningley and Sandtoft. The two in Doncaster have been built over and there's nothing left - I walk over one of the airstrips when going to the Cinema!

RAF Finningley closed down in 1994 - and is now an airport, quickly becoming an international one.

Sandtoft is an airstrip - they use the taxi way as a runway these days for C-150s and C-170s - a potato factory is on the end of the old runway.

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