Battle of Britain Airshow, Duxford, 2019.

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the Yaks :lol:
first time i have seen these two !

The show's finale was the Spitfire formation, and again, I've had to 'rescue' those barely usable pics, by altering contrast and brightness etc.
By this time, we were both soaked, so only stayed long enough to grab some shots of the formation, leaving the airfield as the final 'tail chase' began, in grey, dismal conditions.
There were 21 Spitfires, of various Marks, at the show, (plus the BBMF's PR.19) but Maxi Gainze's lovely Mk.VIII suffered a prop strike on take off on Saturday, so wasn't around on Sunday.
Fifteen Spits made up the formation, with a 'Diamond Nine' and a box of six behind.
The Spitfire Mk1, N3200 took off first, ready to do 'The Joker' slot as the others assembled for the fly past, and the rather poor pics that follow show the action.
A few more to come in a couple of posts ..................

DX Sep 171.jpg
DX Sep 172.jpg
DX Sep 173.jpg
DX Sep 174.jpg
DX Sep 175.jpg
DX Sep 176.jpg
DX Sep 177.jpg
DX Sep 178.jpg
DX Sep 179.jpg
DX Sep 180.jpg
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Final two posts from me, with some miscellaneous shots from earlier in the day (when the weather was dry !) and during the show.
The two-seat Spitfire in the first two pics is the 'Grace' Spitfire, ML407, which normally carries the codes of 485 NZ Sqn (OU-V), and is the actual aircraft flown by Johnie Houlton, before, on, and after 'D-Day'. It has temporary markings of a French unit, applied for an anniversary event.

DX Sep 191.jpg
DX Sep 192.jpg
DX Sep 193.jpg
DX Sep 194.jpg
DX Sep 195.jpg
DX Sep 196.jpg
DX Sep 197.jpg
Nice selection Karl. And if you had to adjust some pics, knowing your cameras were on the correct settings, it just shows how poor the conditions were.
Great couple of shots !
There's a lot to be said for the 'old school' SLR cameras, with manual focus, and a visible metering system
That said, if using film to take the same amount of pics at the average airshow, it would have cost around £800 to £1,000 in film and processing - and that's at staff rates with my old firm !!

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