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cute corporal

Nov 29, 2004
Salutations!I have posted this thread to provide any fellow re-enactors with a place to conglomerate, swap links and messages and laugh amongst ourselves...I do allsorts between 1400 and 1940-50...:blackknight:
Yeah - my stuff is mainly on my personal thread - but there's a few other pictures on reenactment based posts.
Oh, it's so nice to talk to my boys again after all this time!:signsigh: thanks for the welcome back...i've matured and its deserved!:occasion6: all my pics are on my personal webpage as i decided to appear on the radar properly...:sonarsmile: Boudoir for the Beautiful ...take a look!:lilangel:
Re-enactment season is fast approaching us and i've even started taing part in LARP events:lichmalignus: to you all soon, *Marilyn Monroe style kiss is blown to all*:kisses: Oop Oop Be Doop! Mwah xxx
Fast approaching? Hmm, it's getting soonish, but the British season with regards to WWII doesn't really kick off until late March/early April.

As for other reenactors - well there's a guycalled ndicki in France who does SAAF as a freelancer but unless any more come out of the woodwork here I think it's just you and me gal.
hmmmmmmmm I do not see any WW 2 related just a couple of pics which I would assume are long gown/capes of the Medieval period or after...... yes ?

cute corp you and my lovely wife would have an interesting time discussing womens fashions of old

E ~ by the way I am working on a monster Renaissance program over the next 2 years for some good friends
Okay - I'll put a picture up here, cause it's rather cool.

This is me and Valeri trying to clear a stoppage in a PPD34 - a pre-war smg, and rare as rocking horse dung - you'd only ever even see one of these in Russia far less get to make it go ratatatat.

Or as was actually the case go "Ratata- oh.... Pomoshch! - eta ne rabotayet snova!"


Fortunately for me though he was a former Soviet army officer (as well as the owner) and could sort it out no problem.
Hyup, that would be me in full fur and silvers doing 1400 style stuff at Abergavenny...nice to see there are some other re-enactors about and for those of you that haven't dipped their toe in the water yet, it's wonderful-try it on my and every other re-enactor's reccommendation!
love and blessings,
Lady MdL'A xxx
Hmm, no fur on me that day! (real fur would just get wrecked out there) - military ushankas are made from 'fish-fur' which is really just wool.

The greatcoats or 'shinels' seem to have rather a lot of horse-hair in them, and if it's really cold you can wear a telogreika jacket underneath it.

Yes, as Mia says, it's definitely worth doing, and our lot get to travel a lot as well.
Boudoir for the Beatiful is deleted, along with all the other air-headed self indulgent **** i forgot i used to have in my life...
dressmaking orders being taken...anyone know of any good re-enactments?
i'm off to rockingham castle at the start of may...
Depends on what you're after really - I know of a gig (Waltham Abbey) I'm thinking of doing in early May, where part of the plan is to set up a WWII mobile film unit of the All Slavic Anti-Fascist Committee - nary so much as a pointy stick, pair of tights, or codpiece to be seen for that one M'dear!

Sounds an interesting gig at Rockingham though. I prefer the smaller shows to stuff like Detling. (been there, done that)

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