Best tank killer aircraft of WW2 Part I

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Apr 29, 2004
Back to the point of this thread. I recently read than the Germans fitted 12 55mm rockets to the FW-190F and used in on the Eastern Front. I'm not sure of any service records but I imagine that provided a rather fearsome punch.
I reckon the IL-2 was the best too. Though if I remember correctly, Lanc, you championed the P-51 and the TORNADO earlier on in this thread. :lol:
The Il-2 was probably the best all around. But the modified versions of the 190 would have been very capable of busting up tanks AND defending themselves in the air.
They could have defended themselves when they've got rid of their load. There are many tankbusters which were all good, but the Il-2 was the best.
Looking at it though, it doesn't make a difference which was better if your plane could knock out a few tanks, you've got a good aircraft. The Typhoon, Il-2, A-36, FW-190, Hurricane and even the Stuka were all good at tankbusting because they could do it.

The Il-2 was the best though :D
I don't think so, I think the Typhoon or the FW-190 would have been the best if the Il-2 never existed. The Stuka wasn't armoured, or fast enough to be an effective tank buster without getting destroyed.
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