Best Twin-engined fighter

Best Twin Engined Fighter

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Feb 19, 2007
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This might be a redundant thread (couldn't find one in Archives) but what is your favorite or best twin-engined fighter? I choose the Westland Whirlwind, which if it had better engines might have been a decent aircraft. I also like the beauty of it and the clear view for the pilot. Technically probably not superior to the Mossie but nice on the eyes.


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The Do335 was probably the top performer but can't be evaluated because of too little service (like others in the list); Mossie, Ju88 and P61 could survive to single engine fighters only at night so the best twin fighter for me is the P38 (.. unless we will include the twin-jets in the pool :) )
The P38 by a large margin.

It was a twin engine single crewman design, which gave it far better performance than the others on the list.

I would say though, several of the others on the list were nightfighters (by design or modification), of which a whole different design was needed.
Well my favourite is undoubtedly the Beaufighter. As for the best, I'm torn between that or the Mosquito. Both were brilliant in a wide variety of roles, the Beaufighter had the advantage of devastating firepower, the Mossie the edge in maneuverability and speed
Mossie and Beaufighter............neither were daylight fighters.

Put it into perspective, if going one on one (during the daytime), what would you rather be in?

Tough call, the Beau was the harder hitting (and often had a rear gunner) but the Mossie could outmaneuver it. So I'd probably go for the latter, at least if it came to it you could have outrun your opponent.
Whew, glad someone enjoyed the Whirlwind! Agree, a change of engines definately would have put it in class with the Lightning and Mossie.
P-38's record makes it unquestionably the best wartime twin. Clearly the most effective, all around twin engine fighter.

Second comes Mosquito. Used in plethora of figher roles: day and night fighter, long range escort and intrude.

Sentimental favourite is the Whirlwind. A nasty combination of too many foward looking ideas and a bad engine choice and poor fuel plumbing, barring it from long range missions, doomed it.

If they'd built the proposed Whirlwind Mk II, with the uprated Peregrines running on 100 octane, 40% more fuel, cross feed fuel system and larger Hamilton high activity props, it could of been escorting RAF bombers to Lower Saxony, the Rhine and other important production areas in Germany by the end of 1942.

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