Best WW2 Air Combat Board Game??

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Nov 5, 2005
This is my first post on this site, so sorry if this is in the wrong area for this kind of post. Now I will get to the point. I have always loved WW2 air combat books and have looked for a good board game that represents WW2 air combat correctly as possible. I have played a few with mixed feelings, I will list them and grade them:

Actung Spitfire: Cool but very complex and alot I mean alot of book keeping invloved. My friends would never play it b/c there was to much book keeping involved. The idea was good but to slow and complex with to much book keeping. Game was played on tactical level which I liked, allowed for pilot growth was extra cool. Grade over all C-

Luftwaffe (Avalon Hill): Very simple, fun but too simple for my liking. This game was played on a strategical level that did not allow you to fly your own plane, that was bad. Grade over all D-

What I want from a game is to fly my own plane from WW2 vs other planes (from WW2 ran by my friends) in combat. I want it to be detailed but not so much so that I need to be math genius to figure it out or to keep the rule book out to ref rules 100% of the time. What game do you like or recommend and why? Please give detailed explanations and game names, based on this I will buy this game and hope it makes me happy. Thanks for your input and help.

ps Cool site.
Anyone here able to help me ? Is there a better place on this forum that I could of placed this thread? Help me plzzzzz
Hi Hunter and welcome to the forum!

I'm doubtful we got a section for WWII A/C Board Games here... :lol:
Actually, I never knew there are any such games.
Could you please describe them games more?
I'm familiar with board games like Carcassone, Warhammer, monopoly, damn even Jumanji I have but WWII Air Combatism? :shock:

Hunter368 said:
What I want from a game is to fly my own plane from WW2 vs other planes (from WW2 ran by my friends) in combat.

Simple advice: a PC WWII Sim Game... :D
You guys can just look up on yahoo the names I gave in my first post and you will find the two board games I was talking about. Anyone out there that has played a WW2 air combat game please post here and talk about it, good or bad I just want to hear about it. Thanks
No one here has played a WW2 air combat board game ?? Plz if you have share it with us. I thought when I started this thread I would get many people giving me information on their fav air combat WW2 board game. Can it be that none of you have played one ?
I think there might've been one in one of the older Historic Aviation catalogs, cant remember what it was though. I'll have a look around later and see if I can find the one it was in....
Please do look I would love to know about it, maybe I could find it on ebay or something.
I have found many board games about WW2 aircombat after a few weeks of research on the net. If anyone is interested plz let me know and I would be happy to talk you about them or direct you to where you can look for yourself. Some of them seem very cool indeed. Mark
damn i aint played that in years!

alright, if anyone says his name me and CC'll pay a visit in the night ;) i'm assuming the canadian version's the same as ours where the person can't speak again till someone says their name ;)

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