Blue Angel down

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A Blue Angel crashed Saturday afternoon while performing at an air show at the Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort.

Authorities say the pilot, still not identified, was killed in the crash.

It was not immediately known whether anyone else was hurt in the crash.

Emergency crews at the scene of the crash site called for the coroner about 4:20 p.m., indicating that the pilot was killed in the crash.

Police reports indicate that the Blue Angel clipped power lines near Shanklin Road in Burton about 4 p.m. and went down about 30 minutes into the unit's show at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort.
I cant remeber his name but Ive met a blue angle pilot last year at the EAA. He flew the Number 7 jet. Some of the most professional people I have ever had the pleasure to meet and talk to. My heart goes out to his family.

A jet fighter flown by the U.S. Navy Blue Angels demonstration team crashed on Saturday in South Carolina, eyewitnesses said.

Curt Copeland, the coroner in the county where the crash occurred, told Reuters the pilot of the aircraft had died.

The show in Beaufort, South Carolina, was attended by thousands of spectators.

"They were doing maneuvers and generally when the planes loop around they cross the runway and then turn around and basically when they turned around we saw a cloud of black smoke," said Brett Hindshaw, a South African who was visiting Beaufort for the air show.
"We started counting and we saw five aircraft. Four of them landed but the lead pilot circled over the accident sight and then one or two military helicopters took off and went in that direction," he told Reuters by telephone.

"Then all the ambulances and military fire trucks stationed along the runway took off."

Witnesses said one of the six Blue Angels jets disappeared as the planes flew low in close formation behind a grove of trees.

One witness, Fred Yelinek, told CNN the jet went down in a high-density residential area and debris hit at least one house and cars, but there was no sign of injuries to people on the ground. He said there was a "huge fireball" at the crash site.
"It's behind the tree line behind the naval air station, away from the ocean," said Hindshaw. "We can hear sirens in the distance, fire trucks and stuff beyond the trees."

The Blue Angels, based in Pensacola, Florida, fly Boeing F/A-18 Hornets.

Saw film of it. Looked like he was pulling it tight and went in. Might've had a high speed stall. Or picked up a bird. Nothing really obvious though.

RIP, sad.

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