British Lancaster Dambuster Rack

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Aug 21, 2006
Know a few people will be intersted in this picture. The layout of the British Lancaster Dambuster Rack. Maybe some one out there can give some stat's on this baby.

Source Aircraft Archive book Bombers of WWII

Enjoy Micdrow


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not convinced about the accuracy of the bouncing bomb drawing..

The rotation mechanism seems different to how I remember images I've seen. At work at present so can't give a more definative comment...

other than the weights given the only extra dimensions you need are the 60inch length and 56inch diammeter, dimensions imposed on wallis by the RAF, other than that i believe that yes the motor to rotate the mine (remember she is a MINE NOT A BOMB!) should be placed further forward as i've always understood it...........
So Lanc and I both agree something is odd about the placement of the rotation motor unit...

I think what's been done is that they've used the same hydaulic motor for both the upkeep release and it's rotation.

This maybe a 'concept' diagram...

the hydraulic motor was supplied by the bomb bay door hydraulics... there wernt any doors was an ideal solution .
release mechanisum was supposed to be spring loaded.. god knows how? if you read the sketch it says it.... the springs were trying to push the arms apart and were being held inplace by a bomb release mechanisum. lengh of the mine was just under 60 inches because 60 exactly would,nt fit inbetween the release calipers the mine had a dia of 50 inches in its final version .Hydraulic pump was a vickers standard unit, would you belive normally fitted to the steering controls of a submarine ?? lol
And i just love K. The Fly Shield???

How many flies you seen at 18,000 feet?

It was an ICE shield, design to break up or prevent entry of hunks of ice entering the air intakes for the carbs.
The illustrations are interesting. Thanks.

The only other detailed illustration of the Dambuster bomb rack with some credibility I found so far is on SAM Publication's THE AVRO LANCASTER, on p. 115. According to the book this was from German investigation documents and mechanisms attached to the rack is reasonably well drawn.
And yet another image. This time from 'Avro Lancaster' by Bill Sweetman.

Ran across this picture of a mine in the Battle over the Reich Vol 1 1939-1943 by Dr Alfred Price.

Its very interesting on the size of the weapon. Its one thing to see it under a lancaster. Its another thing to see some one standing next to it.



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So Lanc and I both agree something is odd about the placement of the rotation motor unit...
And you were right. Some people just don't use their eyes... let's hope they're not pilots! ;)

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