British Prototypes

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Apr 1, 2004
Alright, this is going to be a little harder than the FAA request, me thinks. I want a list of the British prototypes that were either TINY in service or didn't see service at all. BUT - there must have been a model paper THOUGHTS...aircraft that really existed but never saw service..basically.

Thank yah, in advance.
There were a few of those built though, weren't there?

And thank you for the reply! I don't need a massive list all at once. Anyone with just some freakin' British prototypes they know of would be nice.

All I have at the moment is the Gloster F.5/34 and Miles 39B.
Hmmm...well, I'll change it. It couldn't have seen service to be in this list. And there has to be at least ONE picture of the plane in question.
Thank you. After this I'll be going after the RAF (I've already done the FAA). I know that's not ALL that served in the FAA but I need at least four pictures when it's in service (one only need for prototypes)...and most of 'em will be shown in the RAF folder anyway.


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i know it is post war but i thought it was being designed at the end of ww11. the Dh108 swallow. i am personaly building a free flight model of it and can put you in contact with 2 other guys that have finished their models.
Westland Welkin probably fits your bill. Built as a prototype but didn't enter service. Looked like a Whirlwind on steroids.
Blackburn Firbrand may fit your bill. Only 12 were built but they were issued to a squadron.
Here's some :)


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Very good. Thanks.
if you mean the M.20, she didn't have allot of development potential, she was developed soley to fight off the threat of the BoB, the battle was all but over by the time she was ready...........
The Brigand also saw a lot of service
More I can add to the list (no pictures on me at the moment)
Airspeed A.S. Fleet Shadower 1 built
Airspeed A.S. 45 Trainer 2 prototypes built
Avro Rota 1 squadron
Blackburn B.20 Flying boat 1 built
deHavilland Albatross 2 prototypes of civil airliner impressed into service
Gloster E.28/29 first british jet
Vickers Windsor- heavy bomber 1 or 2 prototypes

Hows that lot?

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