Ca;ibration problem

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Chocks away!

Senior Airman
Jan 16, 2005
I have a logitech joystick, i'm happy with it, but for some reason, after months of use, it needs to be calibrated all the time. It loses it's fine tuning after one or two flights. Has it ever happened to you guys? :(
Yeah, the same thing happened with my old Logitech WingMan Extreme 3D. I wore it out playing MechWarrior 4. I fiddled and f*cked around with it for a bit, but in the end I had to spring for a new stick. It had lost all of it's precision. It was a good stick for a few years though.

Sounds like you both are in the same boat as I am lol, have had 4 3d pros. flight nothing but CFS and IL2 (mostly IL2 now) seems that the amount of pressure from just letting your hand rest on the stick wares the servo`s out. You get lazy and rest your hand, mite as well go straight in to your pocket for some cash for that new one. Only way to beat that is to go for a (ex..X52) type of stick. But they do ware out also. :((

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