Call of Duty 2

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Sep 17, 2004
Moorpark, CA
I picked up Call of Duty 2 and I can tell you, this is an awesome sequel to the original and UO. The action is fast and furious. You start in Russia, as a Russian soldier, then to a British Army man in North Africa. So far, that is all I have gone through but it has been incredible! I am playing in Easy mode until I get used to it. Even the, there are sections that I have gotten killed numerous times.

Some of the ambushes in North Africa will get your heart racing and the sweats. Especially if you play it in the dark with headphones on! If you liked the original 2, this one is even better!

Here are a few screenies from the new game.

Evan's rank: 4.5 stars.


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I liked the original Medal of honour the later ones I think died a bit . I believe the team that produced it had a bust up with the firm and moved companys producing the Call of duty series. I have all the MOH series and Call of duty but not 2. so I may get it on your recomendation Eric
For game play I think Brothers in Arms (road to hill 30) is amoungst the best. For a straight bit of FPS entertainment Half life 2
I think is the best by a mile and Doom 2 the worst.
I loved the first CoD - still play it online from time to time. I'll have to get the second.
The MOH series are good, European Assault in particular...Frontline was the best by a mile though....

I never got the original COD for some reason...

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