Canadians lost in the Vietnam War.

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Nov 11, 2004
Halifax, Nova Scotia
I was searching through some material on the net, and found this little site that I've linked below. FLYBOYJ had brought up the subject of Canadians in the Vietnam War quite some time ago, and the topic of memorials in Canada had come up. At the time, I was only aware of the North Wall Memorial in Windsor, Ontario. It seems that there's a second memorial to Canadians in Melocheville (misspelled Mellocheville in the link), Québec.

It's an interesting bit of our nation's history that usually gets overlooked. Canada had no direct involvement in the Vietnam War, and committed no forces to the conflict. But several thousand Canadians headed south to fight with the armed forces of the United States, and several survivors became full American citizens who remained in the US afterward.
If any of the Canadians who browse this site have relatives or friends who fought in Vietnam, I encourage you to do a bit of research if you haven't already. We owe it to them to remember their sacrifice. It may not have been "our war", but we owe it to them just the same. They were our brothers and sons, and they fought for a cause that they believed in strongly enough to give their lives for. :salute:
Wow thanks for the link.

That is deffinatly something that is overlooked when thinking of the Vietnam War and I salute those fallen and missing Canadians. They deserve the same as we owe our Vietnam vets.
Excellent, Joe!:thumbleft:
The memorial site that I linked to originally has several links within it. One of the sites is this one. Not only about Canadian vets, but American Vietnam vets who currently reside in Canada. I thought it to be somewhat interesting.
Unfortunatly it seems to go that way. The Canadians actually have allways seemed to be in the front with us all the time and they get overlooked.

My hats off to them.
Thanks for the thoughts fellas, but what I was really getting at was the fact that Vietnam is often overlooked in Canada. Understandably to a degree, since as I said it wasn't a war that Canadian forces fought in. I still think that Canadians should honour our own, regardless that they weren't wearing Canadian uniforms. They fought the good fight anyway. We shouldn't shun them for it.
Yep. They fought as US servicemen, mind you. As I've said, no Canadian forces fought in that war.

My uncle was in the Canadian Army in those days, and he tells me that our government was actually debating whether or not to send troops over in the early 70's, like around 1970 or 71. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have amounted to much anyway, as Nixon was already planning the US withdrawal by then I think.
we did have troops in Viet Nam as a country but they were part of UN with the poles and I believe the Indonesians but pulled out because of politics the Warsaw pact troops always sided with the north General Lewis Mackenzie of Sarajevo fame was one of them
Weren't the UN guys over there after the American pullout though? Either way, they weren't combatants.
Yes Adler, the Australian military actually contributed forces to the conflict. New Zealand too, as well as South Korea.

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