China identifies 900 more WWII aviation heroes

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    China identifies 900 more WWII aviation heroes from several nations that helped drive out Japanese
    Source: People's Daily Online (12-31-07)

    Chinese historians and researchers have identified more than 900 aviation martyrs who died in China during World War II, including 404 American pilots.

    "The names of the martyrs were discovered during the information collection process ahead of the establishment of a memorial hall for the deceased aviators," said Wang Jian, vice president of the Nanjing Aviation Association, which is based in the eastern province of Jiangsu.

    "These include 404 Americans and more than 500 Chinese," Wang said. "Their identities have been verified by Chinese and American experts."

    On Aug. 1, 1941, the American Volunteer Group, which later cameto be known as the Flying Tigers, was formed under the leadership of U.S. Gen. Claire Lee Chennault to help China drive out invading Japanese troops.

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