Civil War Battlefield sites

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Fresno, CA has one of the nations largest re-enactments. I have have shot footage.
What a coincidence.... last night I was watching an episode of Ken Burns "Civil War" series. (A fantastic addition to anyones DVD colllection).

I have been to Antietam and Gettysburg.
I have been to Gettysburg, Fort Sumpter, Appomattox Court House (where Lee surrendured), Chansellorsville and Fredericksburg.

Chris were you ever stationed in Va? Fort AP Hill maybe? We lived in Fredericksburg when I was stationed at Quantico... saw that site. We were supposed to do a hump down... orange turnpike and plank road... where the confederates marched in the battle at chancellorsville... but that got cancelled... that was the only hump I was ever excited for.
Yeap I was stationed in VA back in 2000. Spent about 7 months at Fort Eustis, VA when I was doing my Blackhawk training.
When at Eustis, you probably went to Newport News Park, Adler? It is full of overgrown redoubts and trenchworks. (And copperhead snakes.)
There were also many Revolutionary War trenches in the King's Mill area
of Williamsburg. I did a lot of metal detecting there before it was paved over
and covered with houses...I don't even recognize the area anymore.
Longstreet's Corps also used the Orange Plank Road in the counter attack at the Wilderness in 1864. I have been to Glorieta Pass as well as Mansfield and Palmito Ranch.
do I dare add to this old thread ? over 6 years of visiting some 50 battlefield sites 3/4r's with the Mrs. as we had relatives serve in the Union Cav as well as Infantry during the war.
Gettysburg, Harper's Ferry, Monocacy, Chansellorsville, the house where TJ Jackson died and Fredericksburg (that I can remember).

Had the good fortune to visit G-Burg on July 3 one year and was in the one group on the Union side of the high water mark commanding a 12 pound napoleon during the park sanctioned, ranger guided Picketts charge.

Years before that, my older brother, his son and I booked a guided tour of the battlefield and happened to get Eisenhower's preacher as our guide. A truly magical experience.
sweet ! the only one of your fields that I have not been to is Harpers Ferry. I bet the July 3 date was busy at Gettysburg. We went in June and hit it just right before the tourists flocked, some crazy thunderstorms on that 9 day trip. The Mrs. and I have been graced for 6 yuears following Family via Tennessee from one side to the other, Georgia, Mississippi. Arkansas, Missouri. What an honor it was. will post some pics soon ~
let's see if this works ~


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more of Gettysburg June 2012


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In 1968 I attended a company training session in Atlanta. The mention by some of available civil war attractions, brought the comment from the instructor that as a young teen, he cut through a wooded park going to school. After a rain he could find lead balls, uniform buttons and occasionally belt buckles.
more random Gettysburg pics ~ then off to Virginia and multiple sites


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