Concerts you have attended?

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I've not been to too many, and the ones I did are relatively small, but they were great:

Kid Rock in 2003 at the Roanoke Coliseum
Pro-Pain at the Gallery Billiards pub here in Sarasota, Fl.
and my local Y runs a battle of the bands that has been attracting the attention of metalcore and death-metal bands both locally and nationally, though, of course, the news is spread underground.
Of course, if any of you guys ever get tickets to Priest, Iced Earth, Sabbath, Ozzy, or Maiden, you'd better hand 'em over pretty quick.

Even faster if it's Slayer.

Lets see:

Priest: Saw em back in 2004.

Iced Earth: Saw them in 2002 with Matt Barlow before he left the band. Here is a pic of the show that I took:


Sabbath: Saw them in 99 with Godsmack and Drain STH.

Maiden: seen them several times now last time back in 2005.

Slayer: seen them several times now, infact I saw them several weeks ago at Rock im Park. Check out my Rock im Park 2007 thread.

Ive seen quite a bit of bands. I am a die hard metal head.
Some day my young Jedi, Some day...


My next show will be in December (I dont go to as many shows as I used to) and it will be the Black Crusade Tour here in Europe with Machine Head, Trivium, Dragonforce, Arch Enemy and Shadowsfall.
There are a few bands on that bill that are not bad:

Shadows Fall (Great)
Gwar (music actually sucks but there show is crazy as hell)
Chimaria (sucks live believe it or not, I just saw them a few weeks ago and I was very dissapointed)
Amon Amarth

Special Guests on Select Dates"
Lamb of God (****ing great, saw them too a few weeks ago and was very very good!)
Testament (Great classic Thrash band from the 80's)
Tis **** in Australia, I need to move to Europe or the US for a while get some gigs seen.

Lucky Im half english i can perch someone over in Britain..........

I have to say G3 will take some beating that was a monumental gig,

I;ve played more gigs than I've seen :shock:
Tis **** in Australia, I need to move to Europe or the US for a while get some gigs seen.

For concerts Europe man! I have been to tons of shows in the States and Europe and when it comes to concerts nothing has Europe beat hands down, especially when it comes to Metal music.

While Metal sort of went underground in someplaces it continued to grow and ride strong here in Europe.
The US is great for local stuff though, and you can find nearly any kind of music anywhere. Not to mention our "music" cities like Seattle, Memphis, etc.
You have the same music cities in Europe and other parts of the world as well.

When it comes to concerts and festivals Europe knows how to put it on.
No band here in florida will take me man. lol. The all want to be grindcore and screamo bands. I'm more chilled, so I'm into Sabbath, and I play a sort of cross between Black Sabbath riffing with the brutal tone of a grindcore guitar. Or rather, I would if I had decent amp lol.
I just saw ACCA/DACCA concert No.2 last night. They are a tribute band to bon scott and AC/DC. It was a really good show, the only band better than them is actual AC/DC itself. They played inside the pub and I thought they were gonna blow the roof off the building, it was that loud! Once again it was very good show and if you ever get the chance to check em' out do so.

The band that opened up for them was a band named Snake. Interestingly the opening act is actually the guys in the tribute band itself. Afterward they were selling their album for a mere $10.00 and it sounds really good. They have a distinct aussie hard rock sound, kind of like AC/DC. If anyone wants to check it out I could upload the songs onto this thread for you

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