Concerts you have attended?

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Will do. I give a good recomendation to Black Stone Cherry, if you ain't heard of 'em. I'm sure you have. The singer is cool, great guy - massive Metallica fan.
Mostly Queen (Newcastle, Hammersmith '79, Milton Kenyes, Leeds '82, Live Aid '85, Wembley, Manchester (1st night '86). Oasis before they were famous, Shakespear's Sister (London '92), The Darkness at Rockingham Motorspeedway and much more........
Ive heard them before pD, and my brother has seen em before and said their show was good...

I like a few of their songs, though none made it to my IPod...

Clutchs UK Tour dates... Ive seen The Sword with them and they are definatly a band to see... 3 guitars and 3/4's of the songs they played were kick ass...

04/05/2007 The Garage
Glasgow, UK
(w/ The Sword, Taint)

04/06/2007 Barfly
Birmingham, UK
(w/ The Sword, Taint)

04/07/2007 Zodiac
Oxford, UK
(w/ The Sword, Taint)

04/08/2007 Mean Fiddler
London, UK
(w/ The Sword, Taint)

04/10/2007 Wedgewood Rooms
Portsmouth, UK
(w/ The Sword, Taint)

04/11/2007 Soundhaus
Northampton, UK
(w/ The Sword, Taint)

04/12/2007 Rock City
Nottingham, UK
(w/ The Sword, Taint)

04/13/2007 T.J.'s
Newport, UK
(w/ The Sword, Taint)

04/14/2007 Atrs Centre
Colchester, UK
(w/ The Sword, Taint)

04/15/2007 Corporation
Sheffield, UK
(w/ The Sword, Taint)

04/17/2007 Charlatan
Gent, Belgium
(w/ The Sword, Witchcraft)

04/18/2007 Underground
Koln, Germany
(w/ The Sword, Witchcraft, Never Got Caught)

04/19/2007 Matrix
Bochum, Germany
(w/ The Sword, Witchcraft, Never Got Caught)

04/20/2007 Roadburn Festival
Tilburg, Holland

04/21/2007 Molotov
Hamburg, Germany
(w/ The Sword, Witchcraft, Never Got Caught)
Damn, if I knew they were at Corp in Sheffield...probably too late to get tickets now.
I'll find some being at Corp (massive rock club's awesome) ...a lot of people just go for the hell of it. Oh how I love Corporation...
Les, nothing of any note.

was in NY with the producer for Queen, Yes and Al stewart a bit. In Phila studio with Bon Jovi's 2nd album and was house band with Cinderella. Not much else.

The Darkness??? Jesus Aged Christ I would have never wasted the gas money, let alone the ticket price, to see that crap....

I hope u got in free Chris...

I just went back to this thread and saw this post. Sorry to be so late to respond to it! :lol:

Actually the Darkness were at Rock im Park 2006. I was never a fan of them but since they were playing the same day as Metallica and I spent that whole day at that same stage I saw them as well.

To be honest though the show was a lot of fun and I enjoyed seeing it. It reminded me of old Van Halen with David Lee Roth. Was a lot of fun, if you can get past the music.
Let's see

Metallica (w/ Linkin Park, Mudvayne, Deftones, Limp Bizkit)
Pearl Jam (x4)
My Morning Jacket (x3)
Death Cab for Cutie (x4)
In Flames
Sleater-Kinney (x2)
Jenny Lewis
Green Day
Jimmy Eat World
Alter Bridge
Stars (x2)
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
The Slip
Brand New
Coheed and Cambria

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