December 7, 2006! Roi-Namur, Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands!

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Nov 28, 2006
On December 7, 1941, Japanese forces invaded Peal Harbor, Hawaii, USA and killed thousands. I had a great Uncle, Earl, who was there. He survived only to be killed in Germany a short time later.

As a result, the United States entered WWII. This island, Roi-Namur, was taken from the Japanese in WWII in 1942 where even more human beings died: American and Japanese.

The chain of events that lead you somewhere are amazing if one takes the time to actually think about them. If it were not for the Japanese invasion-attack, I would have never arrived here. Although I wish Pearl Harbor would have never happened, I'm grateful for my life experiences because of it.:(

The first picture is self explanatory!

The second picture I thought fitting to add due to the subject of this web-site, WW2 aircraft! This is the Roi-Namur runway today. It was once the site of combat, death and destruction. What a contrast as compared to this picture!

I actually have to drive on this runway daily at 0500 to inspect it for foreign objects before the commuter plain arrives. I can't help but think of those who fought and gave their lives some sixty plus years ago.

The third picture is of the commuter plane that is a daily sight here! It's basically the only way to get to or off the island. Of course there are boats and a helo but, they are only emergency backups in the event of the plane being down.


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Sorry, it didn't make it above some how.

I was walking the reef looking for things when I heard the plane and looked up scared as hell and snapped this picture! I forgot what time it was! The pilot was cool, though, for he didn't report me:)


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It's a reportable offense to be in the way of the aircraft when it's trying to land. I was at work at the time and my car was parked right at the end of the runway. The island isn't too wide.

If the pilot wanted to he could have reported me for being to close during his landing. I mean I was less than 50 yards away from him. He was cool though!
I'll try to remember the advice and be careful to save on my car insurance.:|

Yeah, when I heard you would be reported, I was wonderinf if it was there some top goverment secret about that aircraft!

Nice pics.

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