**** DONE: 1/48 Arado Ar-196-A - Jet/Recon/Transport GB

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I see. Here is a couple of profiles as an example, I have found via the net ...


However these pictures don't show the white spinner. The last shot here shows it was of red colour rather or it was of the camo one.




Paul, I would like to make a focus on the first profile in the post #181. Its caption is missleading toatlly. The Polish one says it's T3+CK while the English one tells us it's T3+BL. But the code on the Arado is T3+LK.

According to info I found via the net these Ar-196s were of Bismarck. ..

Werk.No.052, markings T3+IH Pilot: Unteroffizier Ernst Lange. Observer: Leutenant Günter Lademann.
Werk.No.110, markings T3+AK Pilot: Feldwebel Oskar Andersen. Observer: Leutenant zur See Rolf Hambruch.
Werk.No.123, markings T3+DL Pilot: Feldwebel Josef Kempfle. Observer: Oberleutenant Siegfried Mühling.
Werk.No.150, markings T3+MK Pilot: Feldwebel Werner Seeliger. Observer: Leutenant Martin Lange.

Arados T3 + IH, T3 + AK, and T3 + DL were of the A-2 type, while T3 + MK was an A-3.
Here is the Ar-196 coced T3+IH. the pic source: Arado Ar-196,Waffen-Arsenal book no.126. As you may notice it was the A-2 variant ( no spinner ). No farther info on the T3+BK.

Ar-196 T3_IH.jpg

And the same shot found via the net...

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In one book about German sea planes I found the these Arados T3 + IH, T3 + AK, T3 + DL, T3 + MK were of 5./Bordfliegerstaffer 196 delivered in March 1941 for training flights only. All of these were either A-3 or A-4 variants. These initial Ar-196s were A-2 and A-3(4) types. An interesting thing is that these first Arados A-2 were coded T3+IH, T3+LK and T3+M(J?) that is said to be of A-3(4) variant according to the book.
Very slick Paul and great info exchanges going on. I seem to recall that when Cameron did his Bismarck dive, he found one of the Arados in the hangar. I wonder if there are any pics that might show the codes.
It's looking good Paul. The colours look a bit pale and greyish, compared to all artwork and photos I've seen, but it could be the lighting - plus, I don't think I've actually seen the colours for 'real' anyway!

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