**** DONE: 1/48 F-94B Starfire – Your Favorite Aircraft of All Time GB

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I'm been detailing the main gear wells.

Picture 1 A picture I found on the internet. I don't remember if it's a F-80 or a F-94, but the gear wells are the same.
Pictures 2 3 The gear wells ready for paint. I used bits of plastic, aluminum tube, 2 sizes of thin coper wire and even bits of a toothpick to detail it.

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Finished painting the main gear well and test fitted it. You can see the nose gear well in the last picture. This part had enough detail for as confined a space it will be once the gear doors are on, so I just painted it.

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I've started in on the fuselage seam. Fileing-filling-fileing-sanding-re-scribing-polishing, move to new area, repeat... repeat... repeat.... You get the idea. Have deepened most of the fuselage panel lines as I went too as they are a little shallow. Hope to finish up with this tedium tomorrow or the next day and get the wings glued on. Pictures then.
I finished the joints late last night and woke up early this morning and decided to put the wings on. More difficult than I had thought. After the glue was on I found that the lower fuselage joint would not stay closed so there was a mad rush to find clamps that would work, then buy the time I got that squared away the glue in the upper wing joints had begun to set before I had put the dihedral in. Used some liquid cement to refresh the glue and it worked out OK, but I had a few nervous moments there. I should know better that to try something like that when I have a set deadline time to meet, like getting to work on time.

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Looking good Glenn. It's nice to know that others share the same problem as me, the job taking at least twice as long as expected.

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