**** DONE: 1/72 Me262B-1 /U1 - Jet/Recon/Transport GB

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following steps with colored model 869 (gray black), give to the belly of the plane,


about 869 give very diluted black panel by panel


a closer look


I give the RLM 75 Gunze H69




Finally, with the painting of ModelAir of Vallejo, the RLM74 comes smashing, all work to ruin, is a color that every time I've used has given me a lot of trouble, not much viscosity and density that produces jams or problems too liquid and is almost impossible to paint with fine,



a blight just before the paint finish a sentence.
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thanks are too flattering, not so well the truth.

along with the plane, and I gave him both hands klear




the finishing touches to the wheels.




I put the decals and after letting it settle right hands gave matt varnish





some pictures with more detail.


Great work Sergio!

Not sure if you know, but the original aircraft is preserved at the Saxonwold museum in South Africa. Original camouflage remains controversial since a couple of well meaning Air Force personnel gave her a new paint job, no-one having photographed the original scheme first... What is known is that the port camouflage was in a different style to the starboard, probably having been spraved by 2 different people.
thanks fellas.

I hardly read and know the end of the device is that after falling into British hands in May 1945 he was sent to England badges were deleted and re-painted with the English. shortly after it became well-known painting with the FE-610 and little else, a while ago by a friend who travels often to Japan I brought home some books burnin-do among them a book of I-262 where it exits the unit with the other two known models but really three the "12 red" the "10 red" and one "10", so little is of japonmes and what little I've been able to translate the "6 and 10 red "armed with only two MG131 cannons, while the" 12 and 10 red "went with 4 cannons MG131, scanee two pages so you can see what I say.
if you can not see well the wording of the caption in case I put that appliance each:
pic 1 "10 red" W.Nr. 110305
pic 2 "6 red" W.Nr. 110306
pic 3 "10 red" W.Nr. 110635 (i understand)
pic 4 "10 red" W.Nr.110305
pic 5 "12 red" W.Nr. 110980 (i understand)
pic 6 "6 red" W.Nr. 110306


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thanks vic.

the aircraft is already over now I happened to put the finishing post of the plane.

while a pic:

Very nice Sergio!

Great photos of 110306 too! Finally pics of the original scheme!
One question though: Red 6 or Red 8?? The '306' fits the W.nr for Roten 8, but is the 8 a post war misidentification?

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