**** FINISHED: 1/72 Me262B-1 /U1 - Jet/Recon/Transport GB

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Senior Master Sergeant
Jan 12, 2010
username destrozas
frist name sergio
Category intermediate
scale 1/72
manufacturer Hasegawa
model type Messerchmitt Me 262 b1 /U1
aftermarket none, armed with box

Here I put another one in the collection







extra pics




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looks good Sergio remember the fuel tanks would of had a flat finsih not gloss. as I am doing up a book on Kommando Welter will let you know that originally all twin seaters were fitted with 4 3cm cannons and that post war some ports were covered and also some had 2cm weapons installed. Only red 12 flew missions- 2 actually.
I like to thank all of you liked the plane.

erich I did not quite understand what was written: What are you writing a book?,.

As I said almost nothing I report model based only on foulbrood hase model makes its instructions and in the pages of the book that I uploaded to the forum, I read on the plane soon enough but as happens in life have some memories leaving other forgotten to remember.

Actually erich although the photos is not well appreciated is the brightness of the camera flax as this painted and varnished like the rest of the model, but I can give more emphasis on more matte varnish for more, I would have done with chips but only found photos of FE-610 with damaged tanks, other photos I've seen were something dirty (apparently).

This combat missions is pretty good information
Sorry I wasn't around for the build report Sergio,lots of work atm here, but she turned out a real beauty :)

Hope you have a chance to start another one my friend :)

thankas guys

igor neglects nothing happens anymore montages you can see this world and others not so, it is important that we get there early or late but that if for a long time ......

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