**** FINISHED: 1/72 Me262B-1 /U1 - Jet/Recon/Transport GB

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yes I am helping write a book on Kommando Welter - 10./NJG 11. very few missions of the unit have been covered in any book so far and many of Welters kills are just un-confirmed claims. one other note on the twin seater jets is the FuG 218 N radar aerials are angled and not straight up and down to avoid jamming interference.

nice model . . .
because, if that is what the book interesting and most of these planes I did not find much information we like .... not look like I'm doing insistently for dora, regarding the place antennas according to the instructions says assembly model and despite having the necessary books to see how they will not have looked, as I have no place to put them I have them in stock and not have them on hand for laziness get to unpack, I have to have them in there until see if it decides the situation to stabilize and banks begin to give credit, as not nothing but mortgages granted to people who have more money than the price of the mortgage, truth be told thanks erich

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