**** DONE: F4U-1D Corsair USNASLVK - Your Favorite Aircraft of All Time GB

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Got a couple of last things to post before the Finished thread.

When you have a hole where it doesn't belong, or too big. Stretch a piece of sprue and glue it in, cut it off and finish smooth, easy peasy.
Then I've forgotten if I posted my method of making a rudder, mold first, then cut out the one from the kit. Although I think I used the cut out piece and added styrene to the cut edges to fit to size. I cut out the trim tab on the rudder, and both for each elevator.


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Okay, here she is! Done at last.......
In the bed of the Ford is a sheet of "plywood", the machine gun missing from the wing, the support bars for the folded wings, the removable gun bay cover and a couple of tool boxes. Got a tow motor and tow bar as well. A couple of detail shots to supplement the submission.

This is by far the most ambitious build I have attempted to date. Thanks for looking in and keeping track of this build. I failed to put a pattern for the band around the rear of the fuselage in with my artwork for the decals. I'll have to do something about that sometime in the future. But overall, I am rapt with the results.


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