**** DONE: F4U-1D Corsair USNASLVK - Your Favorite Aircraft of All Time GB

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Bomb is painted, new drop tank painted and both in place. Got the yellow light lens in as well, found some plastic beads in a two dollah shop. Plane in on a piece of mirror.

Still waiting on decal answer.


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My fingers and a file mate........... drilled a hole in the wing, filed a rod to press fit in the hole and added a drop of super glue and filed it down when dry..... easy peasy.
Damn Bill you can stop any day now you got the prize :lol: That is one fine looking crate and effort Sir!!!Got to hand it to ya I do not have that patience for 1/48 for all the add on's :thumbright:
Jav, I felt the same when I joined up. Been yearrrrrrrs since I have built a plane. Granted I did know Rodney Williams, a master builder, for a short time in California. But building can be overwhelming, like looking at the instrument panel of a 747, you just have to realize it is duplicated on either side, and there are more instruments than really needed to fly the plane.

So if you take one part at a time. Mark up the instruction sheet at each step with what you want to achieve. This is what I have done with Merlin's Magic, then do one thing per night, or day, or at a time.
Doesn't matter what order. I do what is the most difficult First. Follow what Wayne, Vic and others do to get it done, it's not brain surgery. I am only getting these results because of looking at what rusults they get.

Having said all that. Thanks for your comment. And to all the others.

My decals have been sorted, and I can't wait to get them and get them on.....

P.S. I love scratch building!!!!!!

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