**** DONE: F4U-1D Corsair USNASLVK - Your Favorite Aircraft of All Time GB

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Nov 1, 2009
Miranda, NSW
F4U-1D Corsair USNASLVK - Your Favorite Aircraft of All Time GB

User Name : N4521U
Category : Somewhere lost in the middle
Entry : F4U-1D Corsair U.S. Naval Air Station Livermore Ca. (LVK) 1950"s
Kit : 1/48 Tamiya with towmotor
Accessories : Cockpit kit, Gun bay, control surfaces, engine, prob some scratch built,
otherwise straight out of the box.

I have posted in another thread a classmate of mine, I was maybe 9 years old, in the 50's dad flew F4U's out of Alameda NAS. Swimming at the base pool one day these big blue Corsairs were taking off overhead. They were the first warplanes I was ever aware of, and of course became the one I always looked for in the skies over the S.F. bay area. I lived in Livermore in the 70's to 90's and was aware the Livermore National Lab facility was a flight training center during WWII, but did not realize F4U's were still using the field into the 50's. I found the picture of the FG-1D on the internet. This is my GB project, to build this Corsair. The lettering I believe, if the Hasegawa 1/72 kit is true in color, was yelow gold. I will have to jump thru hoops, again, to get these as decals for this bird.


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Not only attempt! But I'm gonna do one wing up, and one wing down.........! And a bunch of blokes crawling all over it. I am gonna try and make this one my best yet.

So this evening I have gone after the big a$$ motor. Cutting off the stub for the kit engine I then had to build the mount wall up by 3.11mm. Could only get 3.05 out of 4 layers of styrene tho. I'll wire the engine up as best I can. Will take a bit more care than I have in the past. Try to relax and let it take its course. Rather than blister Annies ears with the big "#" word. I always thought this was supposed to be a relaxing hobby. Musta been talkin to the wrong guy eh!

So, have taken the first step.


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Nice one Bill, you going to attempt the bent wing.

I have done two before. Last one tho turned into the "beadazzled" one Annie finished off.
Did one about 16, holey crap! years ago. Cut everything loose and had flaps down, ailerons up and down, rudder scewiff, the works. Was rather crude tho. This should be a bit better after the apprenticship I have served in the forum. I hope!
A cheap source of really thin styrene is the "tins" that the jelly comes in, in a resturant. Or MacDonalds dipping sauces for the chicken mc-nastys!
Nope cylinders are still free of glue, and will be rotated 1/2 cyl in the back row.

Doing work on the cowl vent flappy thingies. Haven't found resin parts so am faking it with styrene. They are just visiblr when looking closely. couple of round pieces, a sliver of flat, a groove for the wire to fit in, some super glue and Whammo.

I may tackle the landing gear next. I plan on guarding them from the carpet gremlins!

I sailor on.


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Thanks guys.
I wanted to swivel the tail wheel, but in order to do that I had to do some more fiddley bits. Cut off the post and replaced it with a PVC rod. While I was at it I hogged out the back of the tail wheel to open the part under the sheet metal. Cleaned up the gear legs as well.


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