**** DONE: GB-48 1/48 I-16 Type 5 - Military A/C before 1939 (incl Spanish Civil War)

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Ready to paint the cockpit :)
I didn't use the IP from A Resin, it's for I-16 type 10 and later versions. I didn't use the Gonza one either: a little too big for the Ark Model kit. So I used IP from Eduard kit which corresponds to the right IP model and the right size :rolleyes:

Some work... :)
I glued the little resin parts delivered in Ricardo Rodriguez Ramos resin transkit. I added some Tamiya putty to delete the nose armament to build an I-16 Type 5

Engine done and front engine cowl modified to a Type 5 model. No mobile vents on this one :rolleyes:[-X... I noticed that I didn't play enough with the others 2 I-16s :p:lol:
For memory I-16 mobile vents :)
I used the Eduard part to fit on the resin nose...

Plastic rods need to add in the wings to correct the lack of thickness due cutting out the ailerons

Plastic rod need to add in the fuselage to fit the resin nose and the wings

And plastic rod need to add in the nose to fit the front engine cowl, wings and fuselage...:rolleyes:

I keep working... :)

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