**** DONE: GB-55 1/48 Bf 109E-7 - MTO III

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Jock Tamson

Senior Airman
Jan 14, 2019
Username: Jock Tamson
First name: Greg
Category: Beginner
Manufacturer: Airfix
Scale: 1/48




Hello again 😀

Here is my entry to the GB. It's part of a "Dogfight Double" kit issued by Airfix. Billed as a Seige of Malta set it would appear to fit in this instance.

I'm building the 109 of Joachim Muncheberg of JG 26. He accumulated 19 victories over Malta mostly over Hurricanes.

I'm just finishing off my Blenheim in GB 54 so I will start this shortly.

Thanks for looking.

Cheers Greg 👍
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Thanks all for your interest. I have built a couple of these kits in the past and they are nice builds OOTB. Painting may prove challenging for my usual brushwork.

I have made a start with the pit...


More soon 😉 cheers Greg 👍
Thanks folks 😀

It's taking time to get the IP decals to settle but I'm getting there. I'll soon be closing up the fuselage.

Cheers Greg 👍
A bit more progress to report. The pit is now complete and added to one side of the fuselage. As with the previous two it all fits nicely.


A wee bit sparse on details OOTB but it looks busy enough for me.

More soon. Cheers Greg 👍
Thanks folks 😀

Moving swiftly along.....


Wings attached as are stabilisers. As you can see all the flying control surfaces are added separately and can posed dropped, or not!


Radiators to be added....


Airfix provide a basic engine block but you would have to scratch quite a few additional details to have it displayed uncovered.

Thanks for looking, cheers Greg 🍺
Thanks again people!

Today's progress....



Main parts are now assembled. I will add the attachment for the drop tank and the canopy, then it's time for some paint.

I have used hardly any filler on this kit . Hats off to Airfix for their engineering on this one.

Thanks for looking, cheers Greg 👍

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