**** FINISHED: GB-55 1:48 Wellington Mk 1C - MTO III

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Vic Balshaw

Major General
Jul 20, 2009
Username: Vic Balshaw
First name: Vic
Category: Advanced
Manufacturer: Trumpeter
Model: Vickers Wellington (Wimpy) Mk C1
Scale: 1/48

20221201 1.JPG

20221201 2.JPG

20221201 3.JPG

20221201 4.JPG

20221201 5.JPG

20221201 6.JPG

20221201 7.JPG

Thanks to all you guys for your attention, help and advice during this build and I have to say that after my long break from these GB's, it's good to be back.
Why the wire out the back..................................I was hoping to light up the innards so they could be seen, hence the drastic surgery on the fuselage. So just for fun and not for the judging, here are some shot in daylight with the lights on.

20221201 8.JPG

20221201 9.JPG

20221201 10.JPG

Unfortunately, as yet I've not managed to get a decent night shot as it would look just great for Christmas.
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Thanks a bunch chaps for all your kind comments, remarks and emoji, very much appreciated. :D

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