**** DONE: GB-56 1:48 F-47D-40-RA - Thunderbolts and Lightnings

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:arghh: Ever have one of those hours that you hope doesn't set the tone for the year? I wanted to do the wing star and bar first so that I didn't have to fiddle around inserting a piece of red for the bar. These came from the 1999 Promodeler F-84. Starting with the upper wing, I wet the decal and as I was placing it, it fell apart in 5 pieces and the more I tried to get everything together the more it fell apart. I have used much older decals and never had an issue with them. Lesson learned, I coated the remaining decal with Microscale Decal Film and will try it later. I went upstairs to have a brief time-out. I went back down to add the other lower wing decal. I soaked it and grabbed what I thought was Microscale Setting Solution.....wrong....it was the Microscale Decal Film and as I was spreading this. I realized the error. Why did Microscale make the bottles the same colour?. I tried to remove the offending goo and promptly removed all the paint that it covered. I sat there for a while and am now upstairs shaking Vallejo to cover the sadness. There will be no photos of the sadness
Ouch! I feel your pain. Hope you can recover 'easily'. A coulpe of builds back I had the Tamiya micro set right next to the Tamiya Liquid glue. Different cap colors, but when not paying attention, they are the same shape. Learned that the Tamiya Liquid melts decals really well. That and the underlying paint.
Thanks Vic. I was really surprised at how the decal reacted and had no problems manuevering around. The downside is it now feels like an old Tamiya decal and will need some persuasion to get into the panel line. I forgot to post this before the great sadness happened


....and posing on its legs


The rest of the decals shortly
Thanks guys. I couldn't live with the goofy looking repaint so I ripped the decal off, removed the offending paint and resprayed; much better. I realized long ago that, after I had sprayed the darker metal colour on the bottom, I had missed a panel line. I sprayed to 1 and it should have gone up to 2 . This had been corrected also

Decals begin. Not sure why the wing decal is different from the fuselage. When I held them together, the colour was almost bang on and in person its different than the photo; say la vee. I've never used Fundekals before but had no problems. I'm saving the large warning decals until the end as there will be a lot of handling putting on the rest of the decals. Note the 1mm long red stripe at the rear of the at the rear of the intercooler door :happy:


Re-paint and lower decal. Buzz number still needs to be applied


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