**** DONE: GB-56 1/48 P-38H - Thunderbolts and Lightnings

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Thank you Gents...

finished them pesky stencils and second Gloss coat applied yesterday, first 2 Pics....and managed Flat coats x2 today remaining pics....
gonna be hard pressed to be done Sunday, we will see...possibly / likely Monday, out most of Saturday including baby sitting the grand daughter afternoon and evening...so that doesn't help...have to see how much time I can get away with Sunday....

111_Second Gloss Coat_2198.jpg
112_Second Gloss Coat_2202.jpg
113_Flat Coat_2210.jpg
114_Flat Coat_2213.jpg
115_Flat Coat_2217.jpg
With Andy on the gloss coat and stunned by the flat coat. Though I like Microscale Flat, I can only brush coat it as I've heard nightmares about spraying it
Use it recently George and will never put it through my airbrush again. After using the flat I flushed the airbrush with warm water a few times ensuring I got all the moisture out, then flushed again with an airbrush cleaner giving the in's and out's a good dry. Having gone through all that I was not over impressed with the spray result but left it at that. Went to use the airbrush a couple weeks later and it was locked solid. :D
Thanks for your comments Guys, got more done today in between other things...and have called it Done....essentially"Out of the Box"
This kit doesn't really need enhancements it's already that good.
there are a couple more things I will add later when time permits and I actually find something I have misplaced that is part of the 'extra' stuff...
Canopy sections were not fixed yet so removed and Peeled the masks off, did the forward shroud and gunsight assembly, and extra bits for the middle canopy sections to and refitted them all.
Added the wheels and the 3 lenses-coloured on the lower central fuselage...so a few finishing pics and a Finished pic.
Sort out the other Finished pics and post this up tomorrow.
116_Masks off & Gunsight_2219.jpg
118_Front Canopy Assy_2231.jpg
119_Upper & Rear Canopy_2220.jpg
120_Wheels and Fuselage lights_2235.jpg

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