**** DONE: GB-56 1/72 P-47D - Thunderbolts and Lightnings

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Thank you Totz for that most polite reminder to GET ON WITH IT. I have been slacking very much over Holidays but lately, I have been sitting at the bench. The cockpit area is painted and ready to assemble. That is a Yahu instrument panel and as commented elsewhere, it is hard to imagine how good it looks until you have one. I am sold and will get one for the rest of my builds if available.
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Looks good, the aftermarket has come up with some phenomenal stuff to dress up our builds, especially the IP's, couldn't paint one of my life depended on it. I know some who do some incredible work on their cockpits including the IP such as Brian F-104nut.
Progress, but haven't had time, inclination and sunny day to photo. Lacquer is the only way to go for Natural Metal. I got Tamiya gloss black and Alclad Duralumum which is fairly dark and matt I painted up another test and the tape didn't pull any off no mater how I peeled it off. The Tbolt is now drying with a black base and the duraluminum top. Drop tanks are a mix to give a little contrast.
I feel that I'm losing motivation on this build. The natural metal parts aren't looking very natural and I've started putting the D-Day stripes with the provided decals. Not going to do that again. I can't get them to snuggle down. I've started on the checkerboard nose and we'll see how that works out.
I agree with everyone else. Keep going. What I can see looks good 👍

Decal invasion stripes, and cowling checks are tough to crack but will go on with perseverance and a lot of setting solutions.

Cheers Greg 👍
Well, I have never received such a polite
in a while. Challenge accepted.
I have the underwings stripes and cowl on; sometimes it was a struggle, the next time, plopped right into place.

This is the worst part, a little wrinkle but it will make a good 5ft model. That is 3 pieces and the trick is to make a cut at the front edge of each checker.

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