**** DONE: GB-57 1/48 Spitfire MK.XVIe Low-back - WW2 Foreign Service

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Andy, I often use these more accurate cotton tips for such work, the pointed end helps to get your tip where needed. :D

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Does this style 'shed'? I use the elcheapo ones that will unravel when used to agressively while doing a wash just before painting. With the shed threads only being discovered after paint is applird and dried. Will pay double or triple if I knew where to get some.
Thanks Vic Balshaw Vic Balshaw . I used the pointy Tamiya ones that are very stable and do not shed fibers.

So I washed the entire canopy with Windex which strips off the Future. Oddly everything came off except the yellow dash decals which were secured with Solvaset. Now there is a small crack in the canopy which probably happened when I dried it with tissues. Anyway, before this thing got botched up even more I re-dipped it and will let it sit for a day. I will then hand paint the frames and will live with however that turns out.
One of those situations where you need two hands to hold the brush steady....................................Any good at using your toes Andy. :D
My restart point. I,m going to let the part cure another day or more before laying hands on it.

Hand-brushed the canopy frame and fixed it to the fuselage. Not great but it'll move the project forward. Rear view mirror slot filed flush and filled. Also attached the HF antenna using stretched sprue.


IFF antenna was cut from card, glued in place, and painted. Note the big sink mark on the aileron that I never filled.


Things are getting close now and I don't think there's anything left on the punch list. Oh, some mild exhaust staining to be done yet. After that, I'll do a final check and post the finished shots.
And we are done so some final detail shots below. Last few adds were the exhaust stains, flat coat on the hand painted canopy frame, silver pitot tube, painted nav lights, and a bit of chipping. The latter was not overly done as the aircraft was fairly new.

Thanks to all who chipped in with help and support. I'm still waiting to see that illusive picture of this bird.....


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