**** DONE: GB-58 1/72 Bf 110G-4 - Night Fighters all Eras.

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Dec 6, 2005
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User name: Bustedwing
First name : Graham
Category: Advanced
Scale: 1/72
Manufacturer: Italeri
Model type: Me 110 G-4
Aftermarket: Some scratch built details.

1) Italeri 1:72 Scale Me110. My choice, great kit, options to build 5 different versions. Set of PE details.
2) Revell 1:72 Scale Ju88. Great kit, built it twice, bomber versions. The night fighter version is more or less the same kit. (yellow nacelles controversy) **** FINISHED: GB-40 1:72 Junkers Ju88A-4 - Heavy Hitters III
3) Revell 1:72 Scale He119. Monstrously horrible ancient kit !

Me 110 G-4 (1)r.jpg

Me 110 G-4 (2)r.jpg

Me 110 G-4 (3r).jpg

Me 110 G-4 (4)r.jpg

Me 110 G-4 (5r).jpg
Nice little kit and a cool camo, bit scary for me though all those tiny parts on this smaller scale. :D
Off and running. Completed cockpit with all the PE parts from the kit. Nice detailed set up. Landing gear along with a nice looking interior. Drop tanks. 2 drop tanks 4 halves. Cut 4 halves out, glued two halves together and then one of the halves vapourized so I may end up with 1 1/2 drop tanks. Time to stop for the night !

Me110 G-4 (7)r.jpg

Me110 G-4 (6)r.jpg
Tank found. Cats still safe. I guess when I cut them off the sprue it didn't quite
separate and was returned to the box where it was found while looking for something else. Always the way ! Some progress shots. Kit is great, No fit issues but a bit of body work will be needed.

Me110 G-4 (8)r.jpg

Me110 G-4 (9)r.jpg

Me110 G-4 (10)r.jpg

Me110 G-4 (11)r.jpg
Really like the detailing you are doing, and at 1/72! Italeri has been on my 'maybe' for next shopping list, but I doubt I'll ever go back to 1/72 again. If they are producing details like this at this scale.....then 1/48 should be stunning? But I may just be marveling at some of your scratch stuff?
Well this is fun. The kit comes with kind of gimmicky PE radiators. I figure they must be about .25mm thick. I had a hell of a time bending them. The kit also has raised panel lines so I re scribed them and sanded them off. Left side in the picture. The bottom has a lot of nice detail that would be hard to duplicate so I'll leave it be. Try and sand the bondo without obliterating the detail. Never have been able to figure out why the pictures flip 90 degrees when I post them ??

Me110 G-4 (12)r.jpg

Me110 G-4 (13)r.jpg

Me110 G-4 (14)r.jpg
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