**** DONE: GB-58 1/72 Bf 110G-4 - Night Fighters all Eras.

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Now I am become loopy. The masker of Me110 canopies ! Oh that was tedious. I used frisket paper. The frames are too thin to show up under metal foil. The red dots are so I know the mask stayed on the model after it was cut away. The curious thing, The kit has a cutout out for a landing light lens yet, no lens is shown in the instructions and there is no lens in the kit. I have to make something to fit. Hope to have it painted by the weekend !

Me110 G-4 (19)r.jpg
Well I got down to the painting this weekend. Black underside, masked off and then the RLM top coat which will be the spots. Then I masked off the spots with liquid latex, I was getting ready to spray the final RLM 76 top coat when I noticed I had forgotten a few parts. In the instructions it lists
43a,44a,45a,46a,47a. 46 and 47 are easy to install. The other four parts are a mystery ? I searched the interweb for pictures and none show a blister above the engine nacelle and a whatever it is in front of the cockpit. What could possibly be the purpose of them ? I have decided to leave them off.


Me110 G-4 (20)r.jpg

Me110 G-4 (21)r.jpg

Me110 G-4 (22)r.jpg

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