**** DONE: GB-58 1/72 Dornier Do 217 N-1 – Night Fighters all Eras

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T Bolt

Mar 24, 2010
Chicago, Illinois
User Name: T Bolt
Name: Glenn
Category: Advanced
Kit: Italeri Do 217 N-j1 Nachtjager
Scale: 1/72nd
Accessories: None at this time

I will be building a Dornier Do 217 N-1 GG+YG. RLM 74/75 upper surfaces in a splinter pattern over RLM 76 with RLM 74/75 mottling

Don't really know the details about it at this point but will be looking into it.

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As with my last 'older' kit build, watch those decals. Should be a fine build when finished. I like the lines on this one, unique.
Nice one Glenn. Been thinking of a 217 as well but in 1/48 and I have some notes on that scheme somewhere. Give me a bit of time for the exterior camo but it's definitely 66 on the interior - that should get you going.
Nice choice Glenn :thumbright:
I found on the web a "piece" of history regarding your project: Oblt. Konzack's Do 217N-1, WNr.51570, 3c+IP, ran out of fuel 2.May 1944, landed at Basel-Birsfelden...

Edit: I also found other infos in AIMS Decals 72D019, where it's noticed: Do 217N-2, WNr.1570, 3c+IP flown by Fw G. Konzack, details here
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I can not check on this right now but my understanding is that the N-1 had the lower rear facing gun position (my build) and N-2 did not have this gun position or the step it created causing a deeper fuselage back into the bomb bay.
Correct Glen. The N-1 and J's were such a pigs that they got rid of the upper turret, the lower gondala rear facing MG and faired the gondola back along the bottom of the fuselage to reduce drag and save weight.

I've dusted off my notes and I did find a discussion I bookmarked here: Do 217N-1 Paint Scheme. 3C+IP is mentioned by GR Morrison (I think Steph knows him and I had some follow-up emails with him as well) in which he mentions Konzack's incident with "WNr. 51570" running out of fuel. He says that there are "a number of photos" of that bird. There are pics of 3C+IP "WNr 1570", which is definitely an N-2, referenced on the AIMS decal sheet and second link from Steph. Given that the date of the incident mentioned by Morrison and Mcillmurray is May 1 (or 2) of 1944 , it seems clear that we have one aircraft but TWO different WNrs quoted so I suspect someone made a typo - 51570 and 1570 are similar. So, it seems that your 3C+IP is defintely an N-2 - not an easy conversion if you want to depict it accurately, though your P-47 work was similar!

So, you have a choice to make - say "screw it" and build your N-1 like the kit shows, convert your kit to an N-2, or chose another scheme that's supported by photos or profiles.

As for that camo scheme, I'd suggest that 3C+IP would have been most accurately interpreted as shown on the AIMS sheet and not by Italleri. There were a variety of schemes carried on the 217 and many are open to interpretation. Wayne's suggestion of 74/74/76 for that Italleri scheme is plausible but if the aircraft was mis-identified by them then likely the scheme is made up too.
I'm not going to be doing any extensive mods on this one. My intention was to keep this simple and maybe do another couple or three Do 17/217's I have in the stash at the same time, so it looks like I'll have to settle on another bird I can find or piece together decals for, or just say to he!! with it and use the kit decals. Still a lot of time to decide.
Thanks for all the help Andy
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I'm liking this one. Looks like the code is G+GY or maybe ?G+GY. If I can't find the code decals in my spares I can make them.
Anyone have some other pictures or a profile of it? If there is nothing else on it, I can do a RLM 74/75 splinter camo over RLM 76 with 74/75 mottling on the sides.

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