Duxford Flying Legends 2006: July 8th and 9th

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Jun 16, 2006
Milano, Italy
Some of the EAF virtual squadron members in Europe, coming from various countries, will be present at Duxford Flying 2006, on Saturday, July 8th.

We fixed a MEETING POINT there, for EAF members and friends:

WHERE: Duxford Airfield
WHEN: Saturday, July 8th, 2006
TIME: Hrs12:00 Zulu (UK local time)
LOCATION: On the concrete ramp, in front of back entrance of the USAF museum

Anybody will be there is welcome. I'll be wearing an EAF51 baseball cap.

I am going to take a lot of pics, so maybe I can post some of them later on.
Display line up.......enjoy!

TFC: P51C Mustang G-PSIC
TFC: P51D Mustang G-CBNM
SHF: P51D Mustang N-167F
RAC: P51D Mustang G-CDWI
OFMC:p51D Mustang G-BTCD
Rob Davies: P51D Mustang G-HAEC
TFC: Spitfire V G-LFVB
TFC: Spitfire XIV G-SPIT
Kennet: Seafire G-KASX
RRoyce: Spitfire G-RRGN
Aerial Museum: Spitfire G-BKMI
HAC: Spitfire V G-MKVB
Corsair Warbird: Spitfire F-AZJS
Cliff Spink: Spitfire XVI G-OXVI
ARC: Spitfire V
ARC: Spitfire XIV G-BSKP
ARC: Spitfire IX
OFMC: Spitfire G-ASJV
HAC: Hurricane G-HURY
RAC: Hurricane G-HURR
TFC: Corsair G-FGID
R Josa: Corsair F-AZYS
Corsair Warbird: Corsair F-AZVJ
TFC: Bearcat G-RUMM
TFC: Hellcat G-BTCC
TFC: Tigercat G-RUMT
TFC: Wildcat G-RUMW
TFC: Staggerwing
D Koblet: M/Salunier HB-RCF
Kennet: AD4 Skyraider G-RADR
I-15 Bis: Polikarpov 2089K
RNHF: Sea Fury WB-930
Lufthansa: JU52 D-CDLH
Lufthansa: ME108 D-EBEI
Capel: Yak 3 F-AZIM
Capel: Yak 11 STATIC
TFC: Nimrod G-BWWK
HAC: Bristol Fighter
S'Worth: Gladiator G-AMRK
S/Worth: Bristol Fighter G-AEPH
TFC: Bristol Fighter G-ACCA
BBMF: Lancaster Sunday
DOBAF: B25 Mitchell N-320-SQ
Aviodome: PBY PH-PBY
Dakota Norway: DC3 LN-WND
Sally B: B17 Flying Fortress G-BEDH
Pink Lady: B17 Flying Fortress F-AZDX
SHF: A26B Invader N-167B
M Miller: Rapide G-AJSG
J Cooper: Fox Moth G-ACEJ
H Labouchere: Dragon G-ECAN
A Walker: Jungman
Aerostars: 6 Yaks
Im going again this year Eric ill give it a whirl with me new Nikon D50 but I suspect Id have more success with a Honda 50 still one lives in hope and as im doing both days the law of averages says I should at least get a couple of postable snaps.
Still got a couple of spare rooms Eric if you need a place to nut down oh and Mossie Ill be the fat git in the Avirex basball hat with the B17 logo
yes please connect gents and get some pics please ! got some friends from another fourm - LEMB, luftwaffe experten message board that are going to hang out at a restaurant very close by so you may see 1/2 dozen goof-offs drooling over a/c

have fun, I'm on another bike trip
Back in Italy from Duxford.

I am working on re-organizing the pics.
I still have no clear ideas if they are really good pics, or they seem so to me, just because of the adrenaline I got seeing those ladies still flying 70 years later.:angel9:

Anyway be patient some more days. As I took more than 600 pics in two days :shock: , I am selecting the best, and setting up some pics pages at my website. In a couple of days I'll post the URL where you can have a look at them. ;) CYA.
Well, I am copying here a post I already put on another tread, just in case you did not find it, and you desperately want to see my pics... (do not do it alone, please: can be dangerous! be sure having your wingman covering your six o clock! :) )

My pics are now online. So if you are not scred and you want to see them, follow my steps....

1) Go to EAF51
2) Look at the vertical toolbar on the left and search for DUXFORD FLYING LEGENDS. Click on it
3) On the next page click on Duxford Flying Legends 2006
4) The following page is an index page, where you can easily select the planes you want to see.

I hope you can enjoy at least some of them...

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