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Char 1 bis Vauban in Beaune France


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Polish armoured train

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The two artillery carriages were called the small artillery wagons. The only armoured train in 1939 that had the ones of the type was the School Armoured Train of the 2nd. Armoured Train Squadron. But she was destroyed near Jarosław town. According to info I found, the Germans repaired the wagons and used for their own
armoured trains marked as Eisenbahn Panzerzug 21 and Eisenbahn Panzerzug 22. Each of them seems to have one of the small artillery wagons only. But here we can see the ones together. So it is possible the wagons could be moving somewhere after being repaired. Usually the artilley wagons were attached at the front and end of an armoured train. In the pic above both are towning one after the other.

mały wagon art.jpg

the source: the net.

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