ETO and PTO Anniversary Threads

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Private Chemtrail Disperser
Nov 8, 2004
There have been 2 threads started about what happened each day in the ETO and the PTO. They will be updated daily and anyone can post in these threads, however only post info about the PTO in the PTO thread and everything else in the ETO thread.

These 2 threads will be a whole world of information about the war and should be intersting. Lets keep them going and everyone enjoy them.
If the event happened "on this date" 65 years ago .....

Events in the Indian Ocean, CBI or anywhere in the Pacific, put it in the PTO thread.

Events in the Middle east, Russia, MTO, ETO, or Atlantic, put it in the ETO thread.

Anything to do with mainland USA or Canada can go in either threads.

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