**** FINISHED: 1/48 P-51D "Petie 2nd" - Your Favorite Aircraft of All Time GB

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1st Lieutenant
Jan 1, 2012
north carolina
Thanks Paul, and it looks even better in these shots, without the cluttered background.
To delete the previous pics, you should be able to do it by clicking the 'Go Advanced' button, then going in to 'Manage Attachments'. The list of attachments will be displayed, and can be deleted as required.
I finally got it, it was as simple as finding the little box that had the "X" on it!

Hey, wait a minute...What do you mean,"clutter"?
This is organized chaos!
I know where everything is, ... Except maybe that thing,... Oh, there it is!
No, wait,.... thats a chihuahua,...
[email protected] dogs...

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