**** FINISHED: GB-54 1:48 P-40F/L - Pacific Theatre

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Jan 18, 2011
Username: Le_steph40
First name: Steph
Category: advanced
Scale: 1/48
Manufacturer: AMTech 489202
Model Type: Curtiss P-40F/L
Aftermarket Addons: Hi-Tech 48001 superdetail for P-40E/F/L for Mauve kit (only the cockpit and wheels were used), Scale Aircraft Conversions Curtiss P-40B landing gear for Airfix, Eduard seatbelts and Squadron 9597 crystal clear canopy.

The subject is the P-40F "white 104" flown by American Ace Robert "Westy" Westbrook from 18thFG-44thFS between April/May 1943 and July 1943. According to some sources, it seems that this aircraft was very probably a P-40F-15-CU.


Plus 4 additionnals

A BIG THANK YOU to Andy for his precious help for the markings "104"
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That's a great job. In the photos with the sunlight and shadows, I'd would have thought it an actual plane. The upside down shot, not so much. Because it's upside down.
Seconds on Beautiful. Not a fan of weathering (one reason because I'm not very good at it), but you nailed this one. In a way I'm glad I had to skip this GB. Coming in last, amongst the likes of your entry, would have been discouraging. See you in the 55.
Very nice work! The detailing makes it look just like the real deal.

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