**** FINISHED: GB-57 1/48 Savoia Marchetti SM.79 - WW2 Foreign Service

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Jun 19, 2015
South-East UK
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First name: Olaf
Category: Beginner-ish- Mostly OoB
Manufacturer: Smer
Model: Savioa Marchetti SM.79 Bomber
Scale: 1:48
Extras: Luftwaffe decals from the spares box, and a few scratched bits and bobs to replace badly damaged/missing bits

This adds another foreign (i.e., non-German) aircraft flown by Hans-Werner Lerche to my collection. It's a bad-ish (terrible?) Smer SM.79. The kit was missing the ventral bomb-aimer's window completely, as well as some of the control hinges (?), and the pitot tubes looked like tree-trunks. The clear parts I did have were about 4mm thick and not very clear (or clearly marked for window frames). The dorsal gunner's position was completely empty, so I put a few bits and bobs in to sort of populate the very empty gaping hole. There were a fair few sink-holes in the belly between the wings, and the engine nacelles required a fair bit of filler, and the supports for the horizontal tail bits were damaged too.

As for the colours:
every source I've found disagrees on the colours, so I went by logic. As it was an ex-Yugoslav machine, which were delivered in Brown and green over light blue, I went with that. Rather than an all-yellow underside, I just did the nacelles and the vertical control surfaces along with the underside of the elevators in yellow, adding Luftwaffe insignia in all the correct places. The CQ+HQ came from a sheet of Luftwaffe letters, and, as per the reference, the CQ is slightly smaller than the HQ on the fuselage sides. It may not be 100% correct, but it works from a common-sense perspective.


That's my first tri-motor, and I'm glad I have an SM.79 in my collection, but will never get another Smer kit- it's just too much work for something that's supposed to be fun.
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