**** DONE: GB-57 1/48 Savoia Marchetti SM.79 - WW2 Foreign Service

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Jun 19, 2015
South-East UK
Username: Mainly28s
First name: Olaf
Category: Beginner- OoB
Manufacturer: Smer
Model: Savioa Marchetti SM.79 Bomber
Scale: 1:48
Extras: Luftwaffe decals and a few bits and bobs from the spares box

Adding another foreign (i.e., non-German) aircraft flown by Hans-Werner Lerche to my collection. It's a bad-ish Smer SM.79.

As I can't exactly identify the exact plane flown by H-W Lerche, I looked for a Luftwaffe ID, and only found this:

which was identified as a former Yugoslav aircraft, flown by Flugbereitschaft/Luftflotte 4 after the Italian capitulation at a well-known research site.
It'll do me.
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No wonder, the Artiplast kit was released in 60'. The Smer started offering of the reboxed set in 70'. Judging by the box it is the re-edition of the kit from 80'.
Holy bejeezus! I didn't think the kit could be this bad. The amount of flash is scary. and the fit of the parts is quite "iffy" too.

Then there's a broken prop to consider too.

Anyhow, looking at the two halves of the fuselage, and some internal photos, I'll do the absolute minimum to hide the open gaps and at least have something in there. I think I'm going to have some "fun" filling gaps. Oh, and there're raised lines to show where the markings go.
And this is the state of play now:

Next up, a bit of work on seams, paint the interior and put the windows in, seal her up and look at the outside.

I won't be detailling the undercarriage bays, as they won't be seen, and this is supposed to be a relaxing build!
If you don't think it's relaxing then you are looking at it wrong! I see that at least they make it easy for you to locate the decals.

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