**** DONE: GB-57 1/48 Fw 190F-8 - WW2 Foreign Service

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Lower deecals applied. The Karaya decals held fast when applied. The right one was flooded with water several times before I could get it into its final resting place. The left would not budge so I ripped it off and used a Tamiya balkenkreuz. When it came time to apply the Karaya Star and Bar I just wet the area with water, slid the decal into place and patted dry with tissue paper. I did the bottom first as I have plenty of spare crosses. I will attach the rest of the Karaya decals using water first and then decal solvent

Thanks gents. Luftwaffe decals applied to the left side; a bit of tenting on the "2" which I'll fix in a bit. I thought the swastika was too large but measured up against Tamiya's F-8 decals, they were the same size


This is as far as I go; packing day. Have a good week gentlemen
Thanks Wojtek and Andy. I couldn't leave it alone, captured markings on the left side, the double bar "G" is supposed to be a wee bit cock-eyed according to the instructions. I noticed after the photo was taken that the wing star and bar was slightly askew so I straightened it out. Now I'm done


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