**** DONE: GB-57 1/48 Fw 190A-8 - WW2 Foreign Service

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I used them on the windscreen; stuck like frightened limpets and had to add a small piece to the right quarter pane. Using my own tape for the canopy. I hope to start spraying after the Canucks disappoint me for the 32nd time
4 wins in a row!!! Did some spraying before the game. First I laid down a splotchy pattern of Vallejo White Primer and then lightly sprayed Tamiya XF-7 Red to try and break up the monotony. I might go back over some areas, not sure yet


Tried to show an over-spray of the RLM02 in the wheel wells; kinda sorta worked


Letting this setup for 24 hours and then will spray the black fuselage wings markings tonight. A bit of a concern as I sprayed the red immediately after the white so there may be paint lifting

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