**** DONE: GB-57 1/48 Fw 190A-8 - WW2 Foreign Service

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Good stuff George. I don't like it when the mould the MG into the cowling or other areas like that, I tend to think of it a cheating on the build. :D
Thanks guys. Cowling front is done and left side of the rear is now done. The fit is a little tighter than shown. Also doing some work on the wing gun "fairings"

Thanks guys. Looking very 190ish now. Spent the last hour making aircraft noises and strafing Dawg. Struggled with the cowling, did a bunch of sanding and grinding but it seems the cowling is oval or lopsided. If I squeezed it from top to bottom I got a decent test fit. In the end I forced it on and pounded the glue to it. There was a gap still there but I filled it with some stretched sprue. I found another photo of an Fw 190 that had the same gap size but as the photos of my aircraft don't show one I couldn't live with it. Need to mask the clear parts and then I can start spraying but first I need the Canucks to let me down for a few minutes



The gap

Thanks all. Prepping to paint and a question to ask. Tamiya provides masks for the clear parts but they are they kind you cut out, peal and apply. So, has anyone used this type and if so, is it best to cut inside the lines, outside the lines or on the lines? They recommend using a knife to cut out but I might use cuticle scissors to cut the round areas

George, I have used these in the past. I especially appreciate the 'curved' ones. Saves a bunch of time. As for what to cut on? I try and stay on the line. But these, based on my past experiences, are no that 'close' of a fit anyway. I always use a new blade to be sure I get a good clean cut. Good luck.

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